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Moss Prevention & Removals

There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. There are two main ways we deal with moss growth below we'll explain what may be required for your roof.

Top Rated Moss Removal Service In Tacoma & Gig Harbor, WA

Your roof is a breeding ground for moss. The PNW is called the "evergreen state" for a reason There's trees EVERYWHERE! although something to be thankful for it also means you're likely getting loads of pine needles and leaves on your roof.

The reason that's worth mentioning is because moss thrives in acidic environments, leaves and especially pine needles are very acidic, not to mention the shade all these trees provide moss.

Included with all of our services is to blow all the debris from your roof like leaves and pine needles but if it's your first time with us your roof could be looking like any of the ones from the pictures above.

If left untreated it can cause your roof to fail YEARS earlier than it should

Shingle Damage

Moss loves to grow on the bottom edge of shingles, the problem with this is as time goes on and the moss grows it'll cause your shingles to lift up permanently, allowing water to flow under your shingles.

Again, permanent damage from moss growth, that's why this is so important!

Moss prevention treatment VS Removal

We deal with moss growth in 3 different ways, if your roof looks anything like the pictures above, give us a call because it needs to be MANUALLY removed. 

1.) The quickest way that moss can be fully removed is by brushing the roof, it causes some granule loss but is the quickest way to remove any major moss growth from the roof, this is only done when the moss has grown too much for chemicals alone to take care of it but is often used in conjunction with a soft-wash.

2.) Soft wash, a very heavily diluted mixture of sodium hypochlorite, surfactant, and water sprayed onto your roof at very low pressure (about the same pressure as a garden hose on the shower setting) that will immediately kill all the active moss growth on your roof and with time the moss will fall off on it's own. To learn more about soft-washing click here.

3.) To prevent any moss from growing to begin with a preventative treatment should be applied to the roof once or twice a year on average. This treatment lowers the acidity of the roof to a level that will kill small amounts of moss growth but mainly will prevent the formation of any moss growing to begin with. Every home is different and requires different maintenance schedules, give us a call and we'd be happy to give you a schedule that'll be best suited for your home.

We're proud to be able to say that through years of roof experience and education we provide the most eco-friendly, and home-friendly prevention option available. give us a call to learn more!


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