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Soft-washing is by far one of the best ways to remove and prevent roof moss. in fact, it is the ONLY ARMA (Asphault Roofing Manufacturers Association) approved method and it's the only method covered under their warranty

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Prevention treatments as routine maintenance is by far the best way to prevent roof damage but life gets busy and often times a roof will be too far gone for a prevention treatment and will require a more serious intervention, that's where a soft-wash comes into play

Soft-washing is a diluted mixture of sodium-hypochlorite, surfactant and water, in other words, bleach, soap and water. depending on how bad the moss growth is we can use a range of 2-5% sodium-hypochlorite to get your roof cleaned.

The beautiful thing about roof soft-washing is it can kill off active moss growth, prevent it from coming back, and remove those ugly black streaks from your roof all in one shot.

Home Owners Insurance

The presence of roof moss on your home can cause your home owners insurance to get dropped, and cause major issues between buyers, sellers, and inspectors when it's time to sell your home.

Shingle Damage

Moss growth on your roof can, and most often time will grow underneath the bottom edge of each shingle and in-between each shingle, if given enough time, as the moss grows it will lift up your shingles allowing water to roll back underneath the shingles potentially causing leaks and causing your shingles to permanently be lifted up, increasing the speed in which your roof deteriorates.

Cleaning Using Other Methods

The most common other ways to remove moss from your roof could actually be adding to the issue and cause you more problems or be removing years of life from your roof

1. Pressure washing; using high pressure on ANY roof is problematic whether it be concrete tile, barrel tile, metal, or asphalt, using high pressure WILL cause problems

2.Brush removals; using a nylon brush on shingle roofs is still the most common way for it to be removed, we will often use a nylon brush for asphalt roof cleanings in addition to a soft-wash to remove any of the large moss growth that's already, ready to come off. You Don't want someone who doesn't know what they're doing to attempt to brush off 100% of the moss on your roof. moss sticks to shingles incredibly well and to brush a roof hard enough to remove 100% of the moss will be removing so many granules in the process it'd cause just as much damge as leaving the moss up there without any intervention.

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